Episode 10 – Wall-E

Wall-e hugs Eve in space

Ethan Perkins and Matt Robison talk about the 2008 Pixar film Wall-E.

We cover a large number of topics, including: whether or not this is the most Pixar of Pixar, the deep Christian themes and how counter subversive it is to the typical environmentalist agenda, the themes of love, purpose, and stewardship, Wall-E’s infectious humanity, Auto as a pharisee and the spirit of the Law, the significance of the Hello, Dolly song, longing for a return of the magic Pixar touch, and how it flips certain sci-fi tropes on its head.

A picture of the red eye of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Auto’s obvious inspiration both in design and character:

Red eye of HAL 9000

Episode 9 – Hotel Transylvania 2

Dracula putting Dennis in carseat - monsters behindAdrian Young and Matt Robison discuss the 2015 animated comedy, Hotel Transylvania 2.

During this episode, we talk about: the classic monster movies of old and the throw-backs in the movie, the relation between “monster” movies and the “slasher” movie, the history of physical comedy in animation, superimposing relatable archetypes on top of these recognizable monsters, adding a personality to a mummy, some of the potentially serious subject matter like cross-cultural marriages, the overall lack of focus, favorite B movies, why Mavis even likes Johnny, the genius of Mel Brooks, how jammed-packed the voice talent is overall, and the final fight sequence that gets the high praise of “better than tenuous.”

Episode 5 – The Emperor’s New Groove

Kuzco being admired

Ryan Szrama and Matt Robison talk about the 2000 Disney movie, The Emperor’s New Groove.

Some of the topics discussed: the strange history of the film and its connection to The Lion King, what kids laugh at versus what adults laugh at, the use of an unreliable narrator, llamas, the strange yet wonderful character of Kronk, that mysterious extra lever, awkward calls with Sting, and comparisons to more recent Disney films.

The scene from the 1958 movie The Fly. Warning: it’s actually kind of disturbing.

The opening of Citizen Kane with monkeys:

In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s the ending credits music. It sounds like it’s from another movie altogether. And that’s because it is from another movie.

About Ryan: 

Ryan Szrama is a married father of three living in Greenville, SC. He travels the world peddling open source software but always looks forward to coming home to his family. They love watching funny shows and movies, making a habit of laughing together to keep pride at bay and make it safe for everyone to admit their mistakes.