Episode 8 – Big Hero 6

The team stands before the cut door

Steve Akers joins the show again to talk about the Disney movie Big Hero 6.

Some of the things we talk about: comparisons to other movies like The Iron Giant and How to Train Your Dragon, the portrayal of depression and loneliness, the diversity checkbox, the meta-comments of Fred, the question of a robot being offended, the privacy issues that would come up with technology like Baymax, what might be explored in a sequel, the technology in this movie that might as well be “magic,” how unbelievably dangerous Wasabi’s plasma blades are, Callaghan’s convoluted plan, and our biggest pet peeves.

About Steve:

Christian. Husband and father. VP of Engineering at Appriss. Amateur TV philosopher. Lover of movies.

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Episode 6 – Frozen

Elsa singing in her castle

Marc Drummond and Matt Robison talk about the 2013 Disney hit Frozen.

In the course of the discussion, we cover several topics, including: the sudden transformation of Hans, Frozen’s relation to the Disney renaissance that kicked off in 1989, the subversion of fairy tale tropes, romantic comedies going all the way back to Pride and Prejudice, the questionable decisions of Anna and Elsa’s parents, the many voices of Alan Tudyk, the similarities to Wicked, and the how the songs bring out and foreshadow the main themes of the movie.

There are also some dad jokes sprinkled throughout this episode. We apologize. But not really.

Documentary referenced in regards to the Disney Renaissance: http://www.wakingsleepingbeautymovie.com/

In Pride and Prejudice, it’s Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham.

The How It Should Have Ended Video:

Psalm 103:4

…for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.