Episode 10 – Wall-E

Wall-e hugs Eve in space

Ethan Perkins and Matt Robison talk about the 2008 Pixar filmĀ Wall-E.

We cover a large number of topics, including: whether or not this is the most Pixar of Pixar, the deep Christian themes and how counter subversive it is to the typical environmentalist agenda, the themes of love, purpose, and stewardship, Wall-E’s infectious humanity, Auto as a pharisee and the spirit of the Law, the significance of the Hello, Dolly song, longing for a return of the magic Pixar touch, and how it flips certain sci-fi tropes on its head.

A picture of the red eye of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Auto’s obvious inspiration both in design and character:

Red eye of HAL 9000

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